compare = buddy. I’m so happy I chose this language school. Paesano= Person from the same paese, town Is there a good language learning tip that you give your students? I am learning to play the accordion in my free time. I always love to surround myself with water or trees, so whenever I can and weather permitting, I like to take little trips to the Hudson Valley area and spend time there with good friends. I’ve loved having all those conversations and discussions about our cultures and our society.”, “The course has a great balance between all areas. There are not so many students so we are able to talk to everyone, I liked it. Also my host family was very nice with me, and available to answer all my questions.”, “Emily is the best, and she cooks very well!”, “I like the places we visit! Joanie is professional, patient and dynamic. It’s the name of the corrupt major city in Batman, so it’s a joke about New York. On the first day, my host father explained about the neighborhood. I received my Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Communications from the State University of New York – Fashion Institute of Technology. The size of the school makes it easy for everyone to be in control, to help each other, to get to know each other, and to learn. There were several activities after school such as excursions to Brooklyn Bridge, a visit to a museum, and a Broadway tour as well as a Broadway musical. I grew up in the 80s, so I was really into British punk rock and had a pet rat that I named Chelsea! Rich and the team take a lot of time for excursions to show the city to their students. During the break in the morning people gather in the kitchen for coffee and it is easy to start a conversation with students from other classes. I think not every school helps the students so much and so fast. Tracey was very welcoming and kind, always helpful without even having to ask. The slang of upstate New York is nothing like the slang words tossed around in the Big Apple! Plus her cooking is amazing! When I arrived at my new home for the following two weeks I was welcomed by my lovely host mummy Sharon. I enjoyed speaking with them after dinner. A common interaction might sound something like this: New Yorkers have a special place in their hearts for bagels. A good language learning tip for your students? Also at night you didn’t have to be on your own if you didn’t want to be. A post shared by Brooklyn Eagle (@bkeagle) on Jan 31, 2020 at 1:29pm PST. The best English classes I’ve ever had. It was the best experience in my life. I’ve done a few courses like this before and this is the best school I’ve seen. As a result, New York City has developed its own unique language that’s been heavily influenced by the city’s linguistic and cultural diversity combined with hip hop culture. There are four corners there. Madison was always open to new ideas and new formats, which makes us even more motivated. Thank you so much for all your patience!”, “I love how familiar the school is. My teacher is excellent, very patient with us, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. A convenience/grocery store. E.g. They are not just Teachers, they are also friends, and I’ll miss all of them a lot!”, “The team was great. Plural version of you. Prospect Park is also nearby. The Triborough will never be the RKF (no disrespect, Bobby). She speaks quickly, but clearly instead of slow, so you can understand easily and that is good. 23) Spaz (v.) - to become physically or verbally aggressive; to be angry with someone (and act on the anger),  E.g. “Her dad was grilling me the whole time I was there.”. Madison and Sam, thanks for your help!”, “I love how Baise teaches. With the colorful expressions found in both hip-hop and the streets of New York, colorful language is inevitable. “The teacher was amazing and I learned so many things while I was here. Oh so this was the room where I snuck cookies upstairs past my bedtime and stole R-Rated movies to watch when my parents were asleep and now I'm expected to earn my degree in this very same room? Songs About Being 17Grey's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1. She gave me very good tips to enter museums and other places without waiting at the entrance. - “Dang, that whip is amazing, bro!”. 6) Frontin’ (ger.) Thanks so much! I chose this school because there are not many students in a class, not too big, not too young, not a lot of Asian people. Would you like to get language learning tips sent straight to your inbox? 38) Boss/Sis (n.) - the male and female versions, respectively; simple terms used to refer to a man (boss) or woman (sis) regardless of position in society or any other factors. “Yeah, she’s still mad tight over what you said to her.”, To get really angry, violent or aggressive with someone. I was living abroad, taking Hebrew classes. To have sex with someone. ", "Okay, this to all of my enemies that seeing me gettin' guap right now." Speaking for me was the most important thing. I’m currently training to run a half marathon! He is a super teacher, motivating, humorous and he gives diversified lessons. The materials he used make the class enjoyable. E.g. ‘Wow’, all new arrivals were struck with awe. Everything was perfect but the best point is Rich, amazing, always in touch with the students, great job! And the commute to school by subway was no problem at all. This is just enough to get you started on NYC slang: 1) Grill (v.) - to stare at someone in a judgmental or angry way; to look at another person for a long period of time,  E.g. For the first time I enjoyed going to school! “Everyone is super friendly, helpful, kind and smart. Each teacher taught in a different way but all of them did a great job. , which in the 16th century meant “ a sitting bench in front of a house or a raised drive- in.” In the summer, New Yorkers can be seen hanging out on their stoops with their friends and neighbors. Amazing family, very friendly and helpful. “C’mon son, we’re going out”. She makes great lessons, it’s interesting and she knows how to motivate us. Very intelligent way of having conversations dynamics, very relaxing and cozy place, and very nice and open minded people. I think I was really lucky during my experience in New York because my host family is really great and the house is very well located. ”, “Cory uses various materials for the class, and the videos which he used were always interesting and impressive. This is an affectionate term to call someone you know well. He gave me a lot of information to improve my English. I left there knowing that I spoke reasonably well, confident, and ready to get a job.”, “Like always, it was just great to improve my English in such a relaxed atmosphere. Marie-Charlotte Alvard, France, October 2017. “Man, you’re never gonna get the girl if you keep being such a thirstbucket! That was back in February and I finally took off in September – from Munich via Frankfurt to New York JFK. It’s been a great pleasure and honor to work with you Lauren and with the rest of the stuff in Brooklyn School of Languages, I loved the atmosphere of the school, the dynamic feel and the rare professionalism!”, “Lauren made all classes interesting and funny.”, “Steve made us speak a lot and we had a lot of discussions in class.  E.g. I was surprised to see all the staff knows the students’ names. Ethan is very experienced and makes every class unique. I gained confidence in speaking. Extra points if you still call the FDR the “East River Drive” and Kennedy Airport “Idlewild.”You, my friend, are a retro rock star. We have strict non-discrimination and privacy policies. What’s your favorite pastime when you are not working? She is fantastic and I definitely recommend her, Elena Maria Alvarez Castro, Spain, July 2017. The strength is in the size.