Once you are in San Sebastián, most places are reachable by foot. Join us Daily at Sebastian Inlet State Park for a memorable experience under a Florida sunset. Located between La Concha Beach and the Old Town is the city hall, one of the most majestic buildings of San Sebastián. San Sebastian. For this reason it is popular among surfers. Note: Please seperate each email address with a comma. Stay connected with your favorite artists through live, intimate sets streamed directly from their homes to yours. The collection contains more than 26,000 ethnographic, archeological, historical, photographic and artistic elements. Jan / 20-08. Find tickets to all live music, concerts, tour dates and festivals in and around If you only visit one museum in San Sebastian, then the San Telmo Museum should definitely be the one. Symphonic group of reference nationwide, with 7,000 subscribers and 150,000 spectators on average per year. Of the entire museum, one of the most impressive displays is the skeleton of a right whale captured in 1878. Hondarribia, Spain, Belvedere It is a toll road within the Basque Country, becoming a free road all the way to Galicia. The roads A-1 (also called N-1) and AP-1 follow basically the same direction, connecting San Sebastian with Vitoria and Burgos. PLACE. These elegant studios and apartments are located in a quiet zone of San Sebastián, next to the Miramón Technological Park. Bar & Restaurant Borda Berri – Another bar for pintxos in the Old Town of San Sebastian, quite popular among locals. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF THE BEST HOTELS IN SAN SEBASTIAN! It is located on the shore next the Zurriola Beach and was designed to represent “two beached rocks.”. Up Helly Aa 2021 Lerwick. Over the years, the city hasn't lost any of its Bellé Epoque charm and today is still a popular touristic destination for travelers from around the world. From Eastern until 30th June & September: Summer residence of the Spanish monarchy. The metal structures have been fused into the rocks over the Cantabrian Sea. It has been restructured and rebuilt many times over the years, however, today, the castle houses a History House Museum, which as its name implies, tells the history of the city. Just don’t forget to stop and relax at one of the many bars to try some of the local pintxos, which are famous for being especially tasty in this area. Also, they have bikes available to borrow for free when you park there. Restaurant La Fábrica – Located in the old town of San Sebastian, this restaurant took its name from the brewery (factory) that was once in the same location. San Sebastian is arguably one of the best cities in the world to enjoy a meal. San Sebastián, Spain, Teatro Victoria Eugenia, It was extended several times with the last big renovation taking place in 1999, after which unfortunately a big part of “La Bretxa” was converted into a mall. Dec / 20. Alcalde Elósegui, 273. This is a fantastic place to stop for a break on your way up to the top. There are, however, two other beaches in the city both of which are less posh and more relaxed: Ondarreta and Zurriola. The Spanish and the British were however, successful in defeating Napoleon’s troops which lead to them being kicked out of San Sebastian. Find tour dates, live music events and watch live streams for all your favorite bands and artists in your city. CAR – A rental car is really great to have in the Basque Country. San Sebastián, Spain, Donostia Kafe Antzokia (DOKA), TRAIN – The main train station of San Sebastian is located at Paseo de Francia 22. Find tickets to all live music, concerts, tour dates and festivals in and around San Sebastián in 2020 and 2021. Dating back to 1871, the Bretxa Market is one of the most traditional markets in Donostia. Another important festival celebrated every August in San Sebastian is the Aste Nagusia (Big Week). Discover the best upcoming live streams from around the world - continuously updated so you'll never miss a thing. Queen Regent Maria Cristina is responsible for making La Concha famous in the middle of the nineteen century, when she started frequenting it and declared San Sebastián the summer capital of Europe. PLANE – San Sebastián has a small airport, located 20km away, next to Hondarribia. Zurriola is also popular with surfers. One of their star pintxos is the “montadito de foie.” Fermin Calbeton 10. At the far eastern end of the beach there is a popular place called “el muro” (the wall), where people sit to enjoy the sunset over Zurriola Beach or to watch the surfers while listening the waves crashing against the rocks. Use the filters to search for San Sebastián concerts and shows by date or genre. 15 Jan - 20 Jan, 2021. Restaurant Martín Berasategui – Another 3 Michelin star restaurant, this time from chef Martín Berasategui. Currently, the tower is open to visitors and holds an exhibition in the stairwell with many historic photos. The San Telmo Museum was inaugurated in 1902, becoming the oldest museum of the Basque Country. The sunset there is magical, especially if there are sailboats in the bay that appear as silhouettes. Designed by local sculptor Eduardo Chillida, it is probably the most iconic image of San Sebastián. For information about opening times and admission of both the amusement park and the funicular, please visit the Mount Igueldo's Website. The next closest airport is in Biarritz (50 km away). Originally built in 1882 as a casino hall, it once hosted parties of the Belle Époque era, when Europe’s bourgeoisie and aristocracy spent their summers in San Sebastian. East of La Concha is Zurriola Beach, also known as Gros Beach. If you need to go from one end to the other, then the bus system is quite easy to use as well. That is San Sebastián, the perfect mixture, all in one easy to navigate city. Exhibition of works by the famous Basque expressionist painter. To give you a better idea, the AP-1 between Vitoria and San Sebastian costs around 12 euros. Throughout the years, the mount has been witness to many important battles, the most notable of those took place in 1794, when the mount was overtaken by French troops who then subsequently conquered the city. West of La Concha stands Ondarreta Beach, which stretches from the foot of Mount Igueldo to the Miramar Palace. While in the romantic center, make sure you check out the Gipuzkoa Square, a charming square overlooked by the the neoclassical Diputación building (regional seat of government). Events in San Sebastian With its festivals, markets, concerts & much more, San Sebastian is definitely a city full of action and cultural activities. But be careful though – when the seas are high, these blasts of water can go as high as seven meters! La Bretxa Market receives its name from its location which was the weakest point of the original wall that surrounded the city until 1863. 19 Jan - 20 Jan, 2021. This 5 star hotel is a symbol of San Sebastian. Baron Rojo, Darknoise, and Oxido, Centro Cultural Larratxo, Explore the Indian River Lagoon, ... An event every week that begins at 5:00 pm on Friday, repeating until December 18, 2020.