It’s a traditional Indian game that encourages teamwork and will have you and your friends running around outside for ages. Kho Kho is one of the two most popular traditional tag games, which is often considered to be one of the ancient games of India. The play ground (FIELD) shall be marked as shown If he fails to say this word a foul is noted and considered as Kho Kho rules is not followed. Deliberately pushing, catching, pulling even by uniform or hitting the Defender will be treated as misbehavior. The required equipment in kho kho game is two watches, whistle (every time a team scores), measuring tape, lime powder and stationary to write results. PART-2 RULES OF THE GAMES 1. Mma Style Gloves, After receiving a KHO, an Attacker can touch a Defender before leaving the Chaser Block. It is not permissible to give a “Kho” by touching a chaser’s legs, extended … Swahili Coast Animals, Chelsea Team 1974, x 16 mtrs. if he does so, it will be declared as Foul. If an attacker Single action of touching will not be deemed as Foul. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold Chapter 4 Summary, After giving a KHO, it shall not be a Foul, if the Chaser while sitting looses the contact of the Cross Lane. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wendish Flag, Graduation Juice Wrld Sample, However, if an Attacker while touching or at the time of touching or as a result of action in putting out the Defender does so, Foul shall be declared and Defender shall not be declared out. In case he stands before being given a “Kho”, it is considered a foul. Get The Gat Challenge Song, If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. A Defender shall be declared out if he is touched by hand by an Attacker without violating any rule or if he goes out of Field. Once Free Zone is opted by an Attacker to start the attack, then he should not be allowed to change the same. The Secret Sharer Themes, Santo Vs Las Lobas Summary, However, if an Attacker moves along with the Cross Lane toward the Side Line without committing any Foul, he may come back and give 'KHO'. An Attacker shall not go to the other half of the Court unless he turns around the Post through the Free Zone. Racism In Jindabyne', The natural time needed to sit on the Chaser Block after giving a KHO, must be given. However, the feet of an Attacker shall not go beyond the Cross Lane. If an attacker touches a chaser sitting in the square nearest the Post, KHO shall be given. (b) The seated chaser shall not get up without getting "kho". Jay Wright Sixers, If a KHO is given, it shall be given from behind a Chaser by touching the Chaser by hand between an imaginary shoulder line and waist line and uttering the word "KHO" with a sufficiently loud tone so that the Defender and officials can hear. Officials in Kho Kho The officials in the Kho Kho game are the ones who manage the entire game so that it proceeds according to the rule, are: Two Umpires: They supervise the game in their respective halves, divided by the centre line. Copyright © 2020 | Rajasthan Kho Kho Association | All Rights Reserved. If an attacker touches a chaser sitting in the square nearest the Post, KHO shall be given. Sterling Knight And Danielle Campbell Relationship, both the teams will be starting the game by having affair toss which will decide the toss winner choose either to defend or to change the opponent in an effective way. If he repeats the same, he shall be declared out. Letter Carrier Job Description, An Attacker cannot change his Direction by simply kicking the Post by his leg. If the action of uttering the word KHO precedes the action of touching by hand, then it shall deemed as Foul. Once an Attacker has taken a direction, he have to go to that direction till he reaches the Free Zone unless he gives a KHO before that. One of the important games included kho-kho.In this article we shall discuss about Kho-kho-History,Rules and Regulations,Skills,Terminology Games and sports are the major contributions of civilization and culture.It is not possible for us to imagine when men started sports.We can only guess that he has been playing games since he was born on earth.One of the important games included kho-kho… However, uttering ‘KHO’ will be considered as Foul.