RS-DD1.5-50 air displacement capacity. The black Ross compressors were a second-run just after the grey-box version - same tone and response. As low as … 206 FAD (Free Air Delivery) 165 maximum pressure rating. 26. RS-DD1.5-50 code. It is very clear and does not color the tone of the guitar at all. Ross Air Compressor Kit Plus 5pce 50lt model. 115 tank material. Other upgrades include true bypass switching and a Boss-style power jack. Reply Delete One of the most highly thought of (and therefore copied) compressors of all time. Other descendants from the Ross tree of influence chose to move on from the CA3080e IC that was in the original, but Ross and Brazil chose to keep it in the reissues, which I would say contributes to that Ross sound in a big way. 8 Bar pump capacity. BYOC 5 Knob Compressor DIY Kit from Build Your Own Clone. Buy Used. Ross Compressor Somehow I've not laid this classic out already, so here's the Ross Compressor. I tried some output buffer but it dosent work as the Ross compressor. $750 + $25 Shipping. I had a tone sucking with a Fuzz Factor'. Buy New. This compressor fix my problem on wahwah (thomas organ cry baby wah). (Although I doubt anyone could mistake a vintage Ross Compressor from being on.) This is a Compressor pedal that is an imitation of the famous Ross Compressor. Just a little bit noisy but it's how ross compressor work. ENCORE MUSIC CO. Nacogdoches, TX, United States. Excellent condition ROSS compressor pedal 1970's gray. The BYOC 5 Knob Compressor is essentially a Ross Gray Compressor clone with the added "attack" knob mod, but the BYOC 5 Knob compressor takes the Ross clone to a whole new level. Clone of the Ross Compressor with extra options.