They LAID ON a buffet lunch at the conference. To give someone the details about something. 30 Common Phrasal Verbs, Definition and Example Sentences. Phrasal Verb is an important lesson in English grammar. Produce a profitable or successful result. to watch sth happen without taking part in it. Meaning: Recover consciousnessExample: The patient will come round soon. Meaning: RejectExample: I turn down whatever you claimed. Meaning: DiscloseExample: You should give out your offence. Meaning: DetachExample: Mr Hamilton cut off his relationship from his family. To bring up a topic, or when something happens unexpectedly. In rural areas where they have a monopoly, some garages PRICE UP fuel because there’s nowhere else to buy it. Her mother was shocked when she started ANSWERING her BACK and refusing to help. Used with computers, this phrase means to sign into your account on a website or computer. I BASHED the essay OUT the night before I had to hand it in. Ache for. To support someone by giving them words of encouragement. “Even though Samantha was in the last place, her brother cheered her on through the entire race.”. Meaning: To offer an ideaExample: He rejected all the objection put forward by the man. There are two engines. to stop by for a visit, for a short time. Note: The two parts of this phrasal verb can be separated in a sentence. The police told the protesters to BACK OFF. When you cut in on our conversation, we were talking. Meaning: Attack fiercely or unexpectedlyExample: He falls on his enemy. This phrase can mean to remove clothing, or to leave for a journey (e.g. I have no idea, but I’ll ASK AROUND at work and see if anyone can help. He LASHED INTO them for messing thins up. Meaning: Remain behindExample: I never hang back when you speak. I PEGGED the washing OUT after it stopped raining. He’s BEEN DOWN since his partner left him. “The police are encouraging people to come forward with any information about the kidnapped girl.”, This phrase can be used in several ways, but its general meaning is “to interrupt or stop something.” (Can be separated. I can beat you!”. The phrase can also mean to remove someone, as in by killing them—but this is probably not something you would need to use in everyday conversation! When the parts of a plant above ground die, but the roots remain alive. Meaning: Originate inExample: He comes from Denmark. Meaning: ArriveExample: The boy has got in a few minutes ago. A phrasal verb is a phrase that’s made up of a verb and another word or two, usually a preposition but sometimes an adverb. Phrasal Verbs. The gecko FEEDS OFF mosquitoes and other insects. Does this disc BELONG WITH those on the shelf? How many of these English phrasal verbs did you already know? If you’re not sure whether a phrase is a phrasal verb or just a verb that happened to be spoken with a preposition, try looking it up. It will take you a while to get used to which phrasal verbs can be separated and which can’t, so hang in there! For example, read the last sentence before this section: “So come on, let’s learn some phrasal verbs.” The words “come on” in that sentence are a phrasal verb! The lorry was going slowly but we managed to PULL AHEAD. Meaning: AbandonExample: Never give up your study. | Definition, Types and Examples, Present Continuous Tense | Definition, Structure and Examples, Present Indefinite Tense | Definition, Structure and Example, How to Improve Vocabulary in English? Most phrasal verbs consist of two words (verb + adverb or verb + preposition) but a few consists of three words. To come up with a solution or a compromise with someone. Become quieter or inaudible (of a sound). Make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn’t particularly relevant. I disagreed with the idea but I had to PLAY ALONG because everyone else liked it. (Download). This phrasal verb can be separated by the item being given away. to shortening into parts or to make sth smaller. Take a vacation, especially because you need a rest. Some of the most common phrasal verbs have an obvious meaning (a literal meaning) which you can guess from the two parts. You can also look up the phrase in the online Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary, which is an excellent resource, so save that link! Meaning: SupportExample: He stands by his friend. Phrasal verbs are everywhere! It can be separated by the object being dropped off. They had been hurting her feet all day!”. Typically, their meaning is not obvious from the meanings of the individual words themselves. The lecturer asked the students to PIPE DOWN and pay attention. Meaning: Inspect carefullyExample: Look through the device. To volunteer information about something, like a crime. “I was about to ask that girl on a date, but her friend cut in and I lost the chance.”. They AUCTIONED OFF their property as they were heavily in debt. Meaning: StopExample: Please turn off your handset. ), To base your hopes on something / someone, To start a computer by loading an operating system or program, To come to an end (marriage, relationship), To improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something, To become more relaxed, less angry or upset, When the police started asking questions, the suspect, Has the owner of the winning lotto ticket, To handle, take care of (problem, situation), She didn’t get a salary this month, so she’ll have to, To reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work), To finally reach a state, place or action, If you don’t improve your work habits, you’ll, To recover from (illness, disappointment), Mary had the chickenpox last week but she, To spend one’s childhood; develop; become an adult, Susan volunteered at the shelter where she, To spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends, To resolve by discussion, eliminate differences, The two countries met at the conference to, To stay at the same level as someone or something, Please check your form again and make sure nothing is, If you don’t want to take part in the game you can, To mistake one thing or person for another.