Works on open face, use a crunchy peanut butter for best results. In anticipation of your "WTF"s and "how the hells," here's why I think it works: Peanut butter is a salty-sweet (there's usually added sugary in most varieties) condiment. Clearly has Japanese influence. The matrix: Create nine sandwiches in one. Info. Bacon is good with everything! Given I couldn’t very well add WD-40 to the dish or place it in a humidifier, I was left thinking of the best way to prepare the egg to facilitate the level of oral lubrication necessary to fully enjoy this sammich. Works on open face, use a crunchy peanut butter for best results. I’m totally into this kinda’ stuff! Surprised nobody here does it. The result: nine transcendental squares of flavor pairs. It is made using cooked and tenderized conch, or whelk sea snails thinly sliced mixed with thinly sliced celery, red onion, black olives red pepper flakes all marinated in red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. That's the downside to eating this peanut butter and egg sandwich: Sometimes your muscles make people hurt their feet. ( Log Out /  My husband grew up in West Africa where peanut butter stew was popular, so he started wondering if peanut butter would go with eggs. They do however make the perfect topper for Asian dishes! Add cornflakes: Part French toast, part fried chicken, this sandwich is coated in crushed corn flakes and grilled. Or maybe add a guava glaze while cooking over easy/over hard eggs. And eggs? This year, in honor of National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, we decided to take the beloved PB sandwich to the next level, from the deliciously inventive (like PB and rose petal jelly), to the daringly unsanctioned (by us) PB and tuna fringe. Box of 24 bars. I got hooked on grilled cheese with grilled tomato slices and bacon sandwich. I can tell that still wouldn’t have made this any better. When I told my husband what I was planning to make he had the same reaction I did. She swore it’s really ono, so I just had to give it a shot. Whole fruit: Moms are always on the lookout for the latest ways to keep kids interested. Whisk eggs, peanut butter, ginger, garlic, seasoning sauce, and sriracha sauce together in a small bowl. Poor Moose, my friend’s dog back in high school, would go nuts for peanut butter but then would be stuck spending the next 5 minutes trying to get his mouth to operate correctly again. They liked the saltiness of the fish mixed with the crunchiness of chunky peanut butter. Makes one sandwich. Even if I had kept the fried egg yolk runny, no. Divide the cooked eggs between the other two slices. As a fan of runny eggs, the yolk oozing out across the bread, mixing with the jelly and butter to create a beautiful Frankenstein was a fantastic feature and one I knew I could mimic to provide the appropriate mouth-feel in this challenge to avoid getting peanut butter induced Moose-mouth. Fry sausages, cut in half and put on layer of pb. But oh my gosh with that and the sauces it is so good! Duh. Here you see for the “ingrediments” I have Love’s Hearth 100% Whole Wheat Bread (my pantry standard), Skippy creamy Peanut Butter, Hawaiian Sun Guava Jelly and local farm-fresh eggs from OK Poultry out in Waimanalo. It. Speared, sliced, whole—pick your pickle and take a bite. I keep seeing that folks who like peanut butter + eggs sandwiches (sometimes with cheese, ham, bacon, or other salty foods) don’t use sweetened peanut butter brands, like Skippy, but the natural sorta-salty-like-how-peanuts-are-suppose-to-taste ones. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. PB Eggs Benedict: Sub creamy peanut butter for Hollandaise sauce and add sesame oil for an Asian twist on the brunch classic. Your inner child might be grossed out, but your adult palate might appreciate the novel combination of rich, salty egg … I doubt it. Puzzle it: Get a little artsy and use a puzzle-shaped cookie-cutter to shape the bread on your favorite PB sandwich. As in Escargot? Wrap it up: For breakfast on the go, mix peanut butter with honey, granola, nuts and dried cherries and wrap it all up. As I pondered the best egg preparation, I was transported back to my friend Sam’s childhood home. Yep, that's right — this morning I consumed freshly, still hot, scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, and peanut butter. Just as humans die a second time the last time someone mentions their name, so too does a cow endure a second, and much more tragic death, upon the well-done preparation of its delicious meaty bounty – but I digress. Scramble the eggs (or fry them if you like). You saved Scrambled Peanut Butter Eggs to your. Good way too add more protein. Would white bread have been better, being more neutral in flavor vs. whole wheat? Required fields are marked *, Peanut Butter, Guava Jelly & Fried Egg Sandwich. Ken, I remember you telling me something about that Chop Suey sandwich before. Sweet matzoh brei is like sweet scrambled eggs. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. There is a savory Korean version of this snail salad. Really!? Thankfully, it stayed far enough off the coast, preventing major damage to my area.