Don’t get me wrong... this is still an extremely bright light that will amaze anyone standing around when they see it came from a keychain light. They really couldn't be any smaller and still be easy to operate with human hands. This looks like another must have and I WANT! It’s also much smaller than the previous models too. Did your box look like the second picture below? Thanks SO MUCH for that Pat! Lumeniac. This little light would be perfect if it had a small switch to lock the light so it wouldn't come on in ones pocket. Log in or register to post comments . Like others have stated, it really wouldn’t stand up to keychain rigors. Featuring a rigid stainless steel body with a choice of finishes, this latest model makes a great gift for flashaholics and gadget-lovers! My TIP was instant on/off and when i need to read something it was fast. Reminds me of the original TIP. 30% off until Sunday at midnite – so it’s $21 with free shipping! After being on my neck for a quarter the light started failing. THEN you can use it as you intended to. There are 3 torx screws (6 in total) that allow you to disassemble the flashlight. At least if you buy it from the NITECORE store you get free shipping. The niche is only present on this side and helps us to find the keys in the dark, as long as we don't wear gloves. It's all on the instruction sheet which explains the operation fully. I already own a TIP SS Tropical, and I absolute love it! Nice little light. I own about a dozen TIP, with the intergrated clip, it is much more versatile with more battery capacity and CRI option. Amazing little flashlight. Not for me. I like the size and output of the Tini, but I feel as though I have to baby the light because the switch especially, seems so fragile and flimsy. I have carried the Nitecore TIP for a long time and consider it one of the BEST small lights available. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The tree line is at 25 meters. So I was very pleased that Nitecore put together this minuscule half-ounce powerhouse of a flashlight. Between the two keys was put a blue LED that will give us the information (we will see later. There are the inscriptions Nitecore, TINI, and both CE and RoHS certifications. Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2017. I always carry two lights - a big one for daily use and a tiny one as a backup. The differences do not stop only to dimensions, of course. I later realized the TIP charging cable works on the TINI - so I didn't need the charging cable after all, but now have two. For you MINI owners, does it come like this with just the light? With flashlight turned off, you will need to press the button above. The blue LED place beneath the keys will flash 3 times to indicate a charge > 50%, 2 times to indicate a charge between 50-10% and 1 only blinking for a charge < to 10%.With flashlight turned on, if we have a low battery voltage (< 10%), the LED under the keys will flash to warn us that we will get light till a short time.Dimensions and WeightThe TINI measure 4 x 2.38 x 1.15 cm. If you need quicker light, there is a half second delay when you push and hold the mode button before the very bright turbo mode comes on. Mainly small lights; Lummi Wee, Lummi Raw, OTR M3, UTorch UT01, Eternalight, Tank007 E09, Jetbeam SF-R26, Astrolux EC01. Aside from the delay it is a nice unit but my recommendation is a TIP. On his head there is a large (considering the overall dimension of the flashlight) TIR lens beneath there is a CREE XP-G2 S2 with a CW tint that, in my TINI, does not seem to have strong dominant. The beam is also well spreaded thanks to TIR lens. To avoid loss, remains attached to the flashlight through a small strip of silicone.Recharging can be done by using any device that is capable of yielding power. Some time ago I discovered the Tip Cu, I guess I have to control my unnecessary spending…, Mine become defective after few months of use. I’ve seen another member complaining about their lights dying because of button issues, though I can’t find that now. The inclusion of the DeM will be indicated by 2 blinks.Like I said, with a long click on the button at the bottom will light the flashlight.To cycle the modes in ascending order just press once the key on top, 1 click per mode. I like the (relatively) big optic, the asymmetrical design and the tiny size. ZL201220057767.4), The TINI wasn't sent to me in its official packaging, so i can't tell you how it is and what is included inside it. Reviews; The Nitecore TINI SS keyring torch is a sleek and stylish version of the extremely versatile, popular light. Did you test for water resistance to failure? Terry, thanks for the pictures. Along the side of the body is a banker who, being of the same material and color of the bezel, creates a nice contrast with the color of the body. Robert, [Back to Top]     [Home]     [Privacy Policy], Best EDC between Fenix PD36R or Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K, [Review] Nitecore TINI (keychain, 380lm, usb). Last post. Well. [Review] Nitecore TINI (keychain, 380lm, usb) Hello everyone, today I'll be reviewing the Nitecore TINI who kindly sent me by Nitecore, whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me. I would prefer that everything was actual metal even if it added a few grams of weight and a slightly higher price. So if, knowing these details, you opt for this little micro-light, go for it. check out the, Press and hold the Power button for 2 seconds to access the memorized mode, Press and hold the Mode button for 2 seconds to access Turbo for as long as held, Press and hold both buttons for 2 seconds to switch to modes (Daily<->Demo), Short press the Mode button to perform a battery check, Press the Mode button to cycle to a higher mode (L->M->H), Press and hold the Mode button to access Turbo for as long as held, The last used mode is restored when the Mode button is released, Press and hold both buttons to switch modes (Daily<->Demo), Short press the Power button to turn the TINI off. The mode button activates "turbo" which only stays on while you hold the button. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. -Off switch is too sensitive, which easily turns the light off when unintended. Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2019. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Hm. The TINI started shipping last Wednesday (Nov 22nd), arrived at my home in Oregon today: My reviews: , My personal collection of lights LINK,  J5 Tactical V1 Pro review LINK,  Thirteen Optical Sensors review LINK,  Zebralight SC700d review LINK,  Ray-O-Vac Super Power Sportsman review LINK,  Convoy S2+ color combos LINK,  How To flash D4V2 LINK. With the flashlight turned on or off, press and hold button above for more than one second to access the Turbo in momentary-on that will be turned off when you release the button. This combo outputs close to the same output as the TINI, but the 10440 requires a dedicated external charger, and there's no over-discharge protection, so I've killed bunches of those cells. ZL201220057767.4)- aero grade aluminum alloy- 1,5 meters impact resistance The Packaging and AccessoriesThe TINI wasn't sent to me in its official packaging, so i can't tell you how it is and what is included inside it. I used my TIP in a dark room to light stuff up obviously because it is a flashlight. This problem does not occur with the new cables.How Does It WorkThe TINI has four selectable modes, three in the ordinary manner and one (the Turbo) to be invoked. I have carried a Foursevens Preon, with 10440 LiIon. Now it doesn’t work at all. It's a hassle. N.B. THe total nonexisting water resistance is a bummer. The TINI is great at least one and a half times that of the, The tests to follow were made with the battery integrated in the flashlight.