Meanwhile, to prepare for the future, Yoshino and Hakaze continue their journey to discover the whereabouts of the "Fruit of Exodus." To Each, Their Own Tale. Yoshino is on his way to see Mahiro, so that he can fulfill his promise of revealing who Aika's boyfriend was. And so Hakaze scours the island in search of a sacrifice that will activate such magic. Often quoted Shakespeare's Hamlet and The Tempest. Proclaims himself to be "The Mage of Exodus." Samon and Hakaze begin a verbal battle, and as they remain deadlocked, Yoshino and Mahiro learn of an unexpected fact about the Tree of Genesis... Hakaze had died "two years ago" - a fact conveyed by Samon that is altogether Despite having lost his girlfriend so senselessly, Yoshino, unlike Mahiro, has never revealed his desire for revenge, nor his hatred or rage, towards the murderer. He was like an elder brother to Hakaze, who tended to be alienated from the clan. Episode 22. A boy who made a deal with the mage, Hakaze, to find the person who murdered his sister. Under Hakaze's tutelage, he learns how to use talisman magic. in the past. Learning that they'd been communicating with Hakaze while transcending time and space, Yoshino is visibly shaken, whereas Mahiro, talisman in hand, edges closer to Samon as if nothing had happened. A sorcerer of the Kusaribe clan. they should side with Hakaze, he also offers an unexpected incentive - that he'll reveal who Aika's boyfriend was. The tragic tale of this irrational world starts now. What do each of them resolve to do? It is then that Yoshino reveals to Hakaze that he was Aika's boyfriend. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Blast of Tempest online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. that Aika once told him. Meanwhile, Hakaze, still traveling with Yoshino, has been wondering whether she should forget about her romantic feelings for Yoshino, when it strikes her that she should ask him directly about the "girlfriend" he seems to cherish... "Isn't it possible that Yoshino Takigawa's girlfriend was Aika Fuwa? Samon is finally driven into a corner, but on the other hand, Mahiro begins to grow suspicious, now that the situation is overwhelmingly in Hakaze's favor. He is full of confidence, and his actions often astound those around him. A sorcerer of the Kusaribe clan. Afterwards, Megumu Hanemura, calling himself the Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest) [English Sub] Blast of Tempest Zetsuen no Tempest 绝园的暴风雨 Free Anime Streaming Online on KissAsia anime Channel! It is called The Tempest... Yoshino announces that they must prepare to prove that they can resurrect Hakaze, said to be living two years in the past. Meanwhile, Hakaze and Aika are putting their heads together to figure out who the killer was. Yoshino and Mahiro both pretend to take in the news calmly. The new fact that comes to light there is beyond their imagination. He is able to make calm decisions and he often helps the hot-headed Mahiro cool down. A member of the Kusaribe clan, but not by blood so he is not a sorcerer. A very ordinary freelance worker, slightly timid and a pushover. One day, a sorceress princess was stuffed into a barrel and banished. Hearing this, Yoshino bares all his hidden feelings to her as if the floodgates have been opened. A Battlefield over the Tears of a Childhood Friend. And so, gathering the necessary talismans and sacrifices, she goes beyond time and space once again... Hakaze has returned to the past in order to discover the truth about Aika Fuwa's murder. But Samon, who feared Hakaze's return, has expedited the ceremony and coincidentally, a fruit near the mountain village awakens. Meanwhile, Yamamoto, Natsumura, and the others have secretly arrived at the village, to determine whether or not Yoshino is the "one who possesses the soul of the Tree of Exodus.". Already, a month has passed since the showdown at the foot of Mt. Just then, Yoshino, whom he'd just parted with, appears before Mahiro. When Mahiro awakens on the morning of New Year's Day, Samon poses an unexpected question which was armed with the "Special Talisman" given to them by Junichiro, quietly infiltrate the area at the foot of Mt. The Kusaribe family is a family of sorcerers under the protection of the “Tree of Origins”. As Yoshino and Mahiro takes a brief rest in a deserted house, Hakaze asks Yoshino about how he and Mahiro met. Revealing its true form to be overwhelmingly huge and powerful, Hanemura struggles against it. It is decided that Hanemura should prove that he is indeed He distances himself from the rest of the clan to maintain neutrality. Hakaze, guided by the direction of the flight of the Fruit of Exodus, is gradually zeroing in on the location where Samon is performing his ritual, whereas Samon is acutely aware that Hakaze is getting inexorably closer. Femme Fatale (Woman of Fate) Episode 20. the "Tree of Genesis," proceed to reveal its true form. successfully returns to the present. Meanwhile, back in the present without Hakaze, a "Tree of Genesis" standing more than 100km tall has appeared. On their way, they stop at an amusement park, where Junichiro appears, leaving Hakaze with some unexpected words. And Hakaze discovers the sacrifice at last, and she In order to stop the clan, Hakaze communicates from the deserted island with Mahiro, using a magic doll to instruct him on how to find the Tree of Exodus, based on the direction of the fruit's flight. It is said that when all of these fruits appear, the Tree of Exodus will be resurrected, and the world will end. Ignoring the crowd of people who are dazed by this sight, Hakaze and Yoshino head for the Kusaribe village, where it is rumored that children have seen a ghost at a shrine. Hakaze and the rest of the Kusaribe clan are trying to protect the naval escort ships, only to be fired upon instead, leaving them gravely wounded at one point. And so, Yoshino begins to prove his theory... Yoshino and Mahiro are convinced that there's a way to destroy the time prison of two years, and bring Hakaze back to the present. Episode 23. To survive the cold, they spend the night in an abandoned bus in a scrap yard on the mountain, but Yoshino finds himself rendered speechless by his own careless words: "When it's all over..."