With the kind of tools and technology at our disposal, online classes are more engaging and interactive than regular ones. Your Change has been Successfully uploaded... World Young Reader Prize in the Newspapers In Education Category. Upskilling while you’re at work can be hard – especially if you work late nights. While most people think it is important. Online classes via Skype, zoom etc. individual growth and development beyond school curriculum. "@type": "ImageObject", I also learn a lot, which is a great bonus. On to the next lesson! ****The author, Parthajit Borah, is working in a teacher education institute as a teacher educator. "@type": "Organization", It adversely affected students and on their academic growth.At the global standstill moment ,e learning and virtual classes are the most affordable means to educate our students as like Western countries. Please publish modules in offcanvas position. The Government are trying to keep schools open as much as possible and for as long as possible and whilst we all hope that we can conquer the current pandemic quickly, and without any more damage to education and the economy, the good news is that the online world is there to catch us when we need another option. }. A little earlier we mentioned that this type of learning teaches accountability but it also shows your child that they need to be responsible for their own questions and asking their parents if they don’t understand. So, what are the benefits of online learning, and how can we make sure that our children get the most out of it, in order to ensure they don’t miss out on their educational quality during the pandemic we’re currently trying to navigate our way through? Stay on top of the latest eLearning news, resources and offers. Not every child learns effectively in the same way, and online teaching is a good way to allow children to explore their particular learning niche. Times of India, the world’s leading English. "mainEntityOfPage": { Working from home has given us the unique advantage to develop and enhance our skills as we work. Or you want to expand your cooking skills? Copyright © 2020 Academy for Digital Marketing Courses | All rights reserved. in every respect. Whilst children aren’t at school, they need to be comfortable and able to concentrate. Online Teaching is a good way being productive during lockdown. While e-learning still poses a bit of a challenge to the tutor and the student, it keeps everyone occupied with lectures, live job projects, and assignments. There are many reasons for that, affordability and flexibility being the main ones. Even before our lives came to a grinding halt, e-learning had begun its juggernaut – according to the 2019 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns report, EdTech companies around the world pulled an investment of $18.66 billion in 2019. The resources needed are just a proper wi-fi connection, an invite or an account in one of the online platforms and a digital device such as a phone or laptop. across more than 12 Indian cities. }, GET IT ANSWERED BY EXPERTS. The amount of learning platforms is overwhelming, and once you pick one, stick to it. Online learning: how to acquire new skills during lockdown Deep concentration of study is more rewarding than scrolling through social media. "https://www.theadmc.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Blog_04_banner.jpg", The pros, cons, and privilege of online learning during a pandemic Mar 18, 2020 at 4:23 pm By. We are at the point of a major shift in the way we train and teach. It’s just you, the tutor and your lesson. We also use this access to retrieve the following information: You can revoke this access at any time through your LinkedIn account. Tokyo: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, However, online learning can also help your child to become more independent and be responsible for their own educational needs. Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong. Shreya: Can We Stop Existing And Start Living? And as for the price, there are many online learning platforms, such as Skillshare and Udemy, that offer thousands of classes at no cost. Instead, try focusing on something that you really want. "https://www.theadmc.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Blog_04_banner_Skills.jpg", We use LinkedIn to ensure that our users are real professionals who contribute and share reliable content. Major world-changing events are often an inflection point for rapid innovation such as the rise of e-commerce post-SARS. NIE program and The Times of India, Student Edition - World’s No.1 Newspaper for Once you chose a platform you like, browse around and see what classes you would like to take. Both options help children to learn, whilst not every child flourishes in both. London: Also remember that children need to have regular breaks, especially from screens. You could even be a mid-management level executive, looking for that online class to boost your CV, which could take you to the top.