When members of a top secret team operating a black site out of Poland start getting killed one by one, the CIA asks Wells to investigate. The next day, John Wells gets a phone call. 3.75 stars. When members of a top secret team operating a black site out of Poland start getting killed one by one, the CIA asks Wells to investigate.

But the trail of blood leads him to a place he couldn’t have imagined: Home. If the capital had stayed in the North, the South might have seceded a decade earlier, before the Union Army could bring it to heel. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER.

A brilliant re-imagining of events surrounding the notorious Cambridge spy-ring.". This book is more a whodunnit than a spy novel. The Midnight Man will leave your house at 3:33 AM, and you will be safe to proceed with your morning. The interrogators used whatever means necessary. The Midnight house is book 4 in the John wells series of books. The CIA and the Pentagon Take a Lot of Punishment in This Novel of Rendition and Torture, 3.75 stars. John Wells always a good escapist read. Refresh and try again. I would say that start to finish this book moves with a an intriguin pace. They wake up in a hut, hooded, bound, no food or water.
This information was related to m. CIA Agent John Wells is called back after a voluntary leave of absence. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Midnight House. That night, an army vet is gunned down in his doorway. I have two reservations - lots of acronymns, and I didn't know what half of them stood for; and a complete absence of punctuation for speech, which makes it hard to know who's saying what. The interrogators used whatever means necessary.

by G.P. Central Intelligence Agency — Fiction. He is working in a dead-end job when a chance encounter leads him to MI6, the elite British Secret Intelligence Service, handing him an opportunity to play center-stage in a dangerous game of espionage.

I have since read five others and just ordered a sixth. Hostages. That sa. Wells is a complex and satisfying protagonist, tackling bad guys across the world’s conflict zones.”--The New York Times Book Review. When they were disbanded, they were given medals for their heroism, Prozac for their nightmares. A retired operative of the CIA is murdered, a former friend of Wells and 5 other that have been killed are all related to an interrogation of prisioner group that operated out of the a base in Poland called "The Midnight House".

John Wells, has to try to find the culprit, which takes him to Egypt, among other places. Read more. The interrogators used whatever means necessary. I haven't marked it down, though, because it's a good spy thriller.If younwant to know what it's about, other reviewers have described the plot, often at great length, so there's no need for me to repeat it. The book was with me wherever I traveled over the weekend, and yet I didn't have to find out whether or not John Wells uncovered the mystery behind a rogue unit of American soldiers, up to no good at a Polish prison and on the ground in Pakistan. Isolated and exposed, he must play a role in which the slightest glance or casual remark can seem heavy with unintended menace. The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Deceivers delivers a gripping John Wells thriller that takes readers into the darkest shadows of a silent war… One morning, a former CIA agent is shot to death in the street. This is what they told me a long time ago. good read, four stars really liked it kindle library loaner. The Midnight House of the title is a secret site in Poland where high-value prisoners in the “war on terror” are clandestinely flown to be interrogated outside the jurisdiction of …

this one, might help the experience to know there's time shifts to the past, place in poland, the midnight house...other places. This is good enough that I will have to go back and read earlier John Wells novels, yet irritatingly flawed. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Midnight House (John Wells Series Book 4). This book is a dramatic change of pace from the rest of the series.

Alex Berenson is still the great story teller; Midnight House is filled with intrigue and excitement.

No bad guy thinks he's the bad guy, after all. Islamic terrorists are the likeliest suspects, and Wells is uniquely qualified to go undercover and find them.

And how could I not like an author who went to Yale, but makes his hero/protagonist a Dartmouth grad? While it was a good effort, I found Michael Gruber's The Good Son a better examination of this issue, though that book was more from the side of the terrorists, this one presented the problems faced by Americans trying to achieve a balance in how prisoners are treated vs protecting the security of Americans and our allies. "Shadow Patrol" and "Secret Soldier" were, in my opinion better. For two years, they put the screws to the toughest jihadis, men thought to have knowledge of imminent threats. The gathering of intelligence though interrogation is not a pretty business. In Vienna for a secret meeting, CIA cleaner Micah Dalton notices he is being followed. Another emergency - enter John Wells. They used whatever means necessary, and when they disbanded they were given medals for their heroism. And Dalton will have to push himself to the very edge in a desperate attempt to save his honor and his life. If u love tea, then probably u have heard Assam tea. Though it is number four in the series, this was the first John Wells book I read.
Perhaps World War I or even World War II would have ended differently.

Sometimes bad guys get tortured. They are real people with their own stories, as often as not. really? Directed by Charles Jarrott. They used whatever means necessary, and when they disbanded they were given medals for their heroism. This was the first one of Berenson's I read and now I'm almost finished with the whole list.