Some of the key characteristics of Modern house plans are: Oftentimes, millennials or younger Americans are desirous of Modern house plans and the in-town/urban property lots they typically are situated on. We will give you $150 off your first purchase. Modern interior design is more of a spectrum than a style; there is room and opportunity for a multitude of design options, from the bare bones basics, ultra-minimalist layout to the bold, highly polished interior design elements. Sign up below for news, tips and offers. These homes are simple in structure, style and form and can offer a myriad of architectural design characteristics that embody highly structured geometric forms that lend visual interest and perspective to the home. These narrow lots are frequently quite scenic as fully matured trees and landscapes are usually found in urban areas. Ultimately, contemporary or modern house plans are a stripped down, sleek, and elegant departure from traditional architecture and have been a favorite style in architect-designed homes since the mid-century modern house plans of the 1950s. Have you found your favorite house plan that suits your requirements? It’s common to find grand, open foyers that hold impressive, centerpiece staircases in the floor plans of House Plans 3500-4000 square feet, establishing these estate home plans as a... 3,500 - 4,000 Luxury Home Designs. Some house plans may also include center islands, which can double as eating areas or act as the primary cooking station with a built-in cooktop. It’s common to find grand, open foyers that hold impressive, centerpiece staircases in the floor plans of House Plans 3500-4000 square feet, establishing these estate home plans as a place of beauty and style. Many home designs in this category feature a look and feel that expresses a value for energy efficiency, a unique use of space, and exterior and interior features of a modern persuasion. Modern house plans, at their most basic, break with the past and embody the post Industrial Age with an absence of trim and detail work, perhaps, a stucco or industrial exterior and/or corresponding interior elements, expansive glass inserts resulting in panoramic views, open floor plans and a sense of lightness and breathability. These plans include fireplaces, pools, and bonus rooms such as an office, library, or den. 15% Off All House Plans! Homeowners looking to combine the luxury of a mansion-style home with the modesty of a more traditional residence frequently turn to House Plans 3500-4000 square feet for the perfect solution.   Mid-Century Modern house plans are growing in popularity from New York to LA and everywhere in between. For families who have outgrown their starter homes and the limited space, there are a variety of appealing options to “size up” in style, functionality, and luxury. This can include the latest stainless-steel appliances, granite countertops, and enough cabinet space to meet all of the owner’s storage needs. Read More. These home plans are spacious enough to accommodate larger families, as they can easily include four or more bedrooms without sacrificing the majority of the square footage to them. The large area of these house plans also allows for many additional rooms beyond the standard bedrooms, such as studies and offices or dedicated game rooms. As with any estate-style home plan, House Plans 3500-4000 square feet frequently make space for modern kitchens that feature all of the latest amenities, often leaving it on par with the best gourmet kitchens. Simple, yet sophisticated floor plans, honest and valuable design materials along with strong, crisp lines offer aesthetically pleasing homes in which to live, raise a family and enjoy your preferred lifestyle. At America’s Best House Plans, we offer a myriad of large house plans where interior spaces often include the “wow” factor and the exterior spaces exude luxury. With this square footage you will find homes with 1-story or 2-story with 2 to 4-car garages, 4 to 7 bedrooms and 3 to 6 … This suitability to different home styles is advantageous for the homeowner as almost any personal style can be incorporated into the home’s exterior and/or interior to create meaningful interior spaces and exteriors which highlight and capture the imagination. SORT BY:   Most Popular If property space allows, the home may offer an attached or semi-attached garage or there may be only street parking if the home is built without a garage or carport. The incorporation of expansive glass inserts into the home’s exterior showcases a modern flair and drama into the space and those stunning window views whether floor-to-ceiling inserts, transom windows or dormer/window sheds add warmth, light and visual interest to the home. Modern house plans are no different than any other plan in terms of offering luxurious exterior and interior design elements or at the opposite end of the spectrum, their less ostentatious counterpoints. The master bathroom is spa-like. Clean, straight lines both on the exterior and interior, Lack of ornamentation on moldings, trim work, windows, doors and walls, Use of metal, chrome, concrete and other industrial labeled materials, Geometric forms/shapes: emphasis of rectangular, horizontal and vertical lines, Energy efficient and creative use of space. Read More, SORT BY:   Square Feet Ascending From Art Deco to the iconic Brady Bunch home, Modern house plans have been on the American home scene for decades and will continue to offer alternative examples of expression for today’s homeowners.